Customer Service


Customer service at ASAS HVAC Division is just a daily, ongoing, never ending and a compassionate activity.

The most important thing to remember is that the result of any business is a satisfied customer.


We follow a simple rule: Give better service than expected by clients.


To ensure a high level of customer service, we have formed a network of 3 teams who are constantly
following up on the needs of our customer base.


Customer Acquisition & Retention (Care) Team :


Responsible for appreciation of client’s requirements and sourcing/developing products and
partners that help get better value solutions for our customers.


Customer Fulfillment Team:


The Design, Development and Operations group that works to ensure requirements
are met in accordance with the base projects.


Customer Support Team:

Group of qualified professionals that analysis problems, hitches and glitches that a customer may face, provide solutions and put in all the effort needed to resolve the issues resulting in complete customer satisfaction.


We are a process centric organization, constantly striving to set a new and higher level of customer
satisfaction through excellence in service.

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