ASAS Group possesses a wealth if practical experience and know-how to carry out all types of cleaning contracts,interior and exterior, to the complete satisfaction of the client.


We provide cleaning services to a variety of establishments like commercial/residential buildings, offices, schools,clinics/hospitals, warehouses, shopping malls, mosques etc. including sanitation of restrooms.


A comprehensive cleaning program can be devised to suit individual needs.


Cleaning of glass surfaces, cleaning carpets and upholstery, cleaning & polishing of floors, swimming pools etc. can be executed by our professional team of skilled and trained personnel.


Pest control is a vital area of keeping your interiors and exteriors clean and healthy.


We utilize only government approved chemicals and treatment systems to achieve the most promising results in maintaining a pest-free, clean and healthy environment at your home and your work place.


All contracts are tailored to meet your demands and budgets.

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